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01-23-2011, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Chariot View Post
Whatever, why do the Rangers even enter this conversation?

Sather has nothing to do with this Nabby business. You want to poke fun at the Rangers for signing Redden and it not working out, ok I get it, but Sather left himself a clever loophole.

The difference here is that Redden WANTED to be a Rangers. Teams rarely make moves for guys they know wont come to their team. I'm sure some traded guys were unhappy but within the NHL players show the respect to at least go and make the best of a trade.

Nabby is a FREE AGENT. Its quirky with the Euro waivers, but he's free not to want to be part of a bottom feeders rebuild process at this point in his career.

I'd be surprised if most people didnt understand this. Infact I think most people do. But Snow and Wang.... Im not so sure. They do puzzeling stuff sometimes.
Yeah just as much as Yashin and Wisniewski had to do with this conversation right? The Roloson trade might have been premature, but it was still going to happen.

Islanders fans are tired of other fanbases especially Rangers fans taking cheapshots at the team when they have all made numerous gaffes of their own.

Maybe Snow made a mistake not contacting Nabokov before he claimed him. Maybe Meehan shouldn't have opened his mouth and stated that he would report to any team that claimed him. Snow did nothing wrong here.

Snow tried to make his team better. With the amount of good young players on the Islanders now you do not want them to be part of a continual losing atmosphere. With DiPietro and Lawson not being healthy and letting in beach balls he made the move for a starter.

I have absolutely no problem with Nabokov not reporting. That is his right. I do have a problem with people trying to throw the Islanders and Snow under the bus for this move though. If the Islanders didn't claim him, some other bottom team surely would have.

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