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Originally Posted by 93gilmour93 View Post
leafs are one of the youngest teams in the league. schenn , kardi , d'amigo , reimer , aulie , kessel , phaneuf , rynnas , versteeg , kulemin , grabovski , macarthur all under 25. i would say the leafs are ahead of the sens right now. no we don't have a 1st this year ** for now} but the sens are not ahead of the leafs right now.
Leafs legitimately good young players:
Stars: Kessel
Star Potential: Schenn, Kadri, Phaneuf
Top 6/Top 4 Potential: Versteeg, Kulemin, Grabovksi, Aulie, Gunnarsson
Potential Starter: Reimer

Sens legitimately good young players:
Stars: Spezza, Karlsson
Star Potential: Cowen, Rundblad, Michalek
Top 6/ Top 4 Potential: Regin, Foligno, Silfverberg, Butler, Wiercioch, Campoli
Potential Starter: Lehner

Looks pretty similar to me.
Spezza/Karlsson/Michalek is better than Kessel/Schenn/Phaneuf.
Versteeg/Kulemin/Grabo is better than Regin/Foligno.
Rundblad/Wiercioch/Cowen is better than Kadri/Aulie.
Lehner is better than Reimer.

Sens have a better old core... Who is retained and who will be there in 3-4 years when we're fully rebuilt is yet to be seen.
Its hard to say look better than the Sens right now, especially considering we have Alfredsson, Fisher, Phillips, Gonchar, Kuba, Kovalev, Ruutu, Neil, Kelly, most of whom will get us picks/prospects that are top 4 round and some will get us a lot more. Meanwhile, the Leafs have Kaberle and Giguere as tradable assets, as they are clearly not looking to move Beauchemin and Komisarek has no value. MacArthur could be traded but I think that'd be stupid. Sjostrom can get you guys 4th maybe, but again... I think resigning him is a way better idea for the Leafs.

Leafs have made more progress over the past few years but they had nothing before. Muckler screwed us over in terms of guys who are just NHL ready last year or now, but we still had a good young core when he left us that has left us in a better position than the Leafs are right now.


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