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10-09-2003, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by thor dyck
I can see how his rights could be tied up for next year as well. That makes sense. I guess the question is : what is bertuzzi's value if he is ufa in two years?

Tough situation for vancouver. Their team is built to go for it now (sorry mizral, I don't think the sedins are getting any better). Without bertuzzi, they may not be a playoff team. With him, they could win the cup. He is that important to thier chances.

IMO, if he was 24 and sure to be under contract for the next 5 years, he would have the highest trade value of any player in the league.
I agree, Bertuzzi is important to the Canucks and for that reason, I doubt they'll trade him.

I don't believe it's all that tough of a situation for Vancouver. Negotiations have just started. There is no indication that the Canucks won't hammer out a deal sometime before this coming summer. Like I said earlier, the same panic insued over Jovo's contract last season and Burke got the job done.

How often are first offers accepted? This thread is an overreaction to the bargaining process.

PS The Sedins aren't getting any better? Bold statement. How many 23 year old players don't get any better? There's a reason why a forward's prime is said to start at around 25/26.

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