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01-23-2011, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
Seguin's value has not gone down because of how a few other players transitioned. Stamkos didn't blow anyone's socks off his first year. Tavares didn't blow anyone's socks off in his first year. No one loses value after playing half way through their rookie season at 18. Karlson would be a great addition to the B's for sure but he is not the difference between losing and winning the cup. Why exactly will the B's be retooling by the time Seguin is an important part of the team as you say?

Rask 23
Kampfer 21
Bergeron 24
Lucic 22
Horton 25
Krejci 24
Wheeler 23
Marchand 22
Seguin 18

That looks like a pretty good young core that could play together for a long time to come. This doesn't include any prospects or the two first rounders were sitting on for this draft. Yeah the Bruins look very very good going forward. They do need some good young d to add to that core and that's what this draft will do for them IMO.
When a player is drafted, the sky is the limit, they can be anything and most top 3 picks have the potential to be stars/franchise players. Whether that star is a Stamkos or a Malkin, or whether the player doesn't reach that potential and becomes a Wheeler or a Turris, one will never know. The further away from the draft you get, USUALLY the less the player is worth relative to when they were drafted (I'm talking about the top 3ish picks not a 7th rounder or something). This is why it is rare to see trades for the top 3 picks in the draft, they are just too valuable both cap wise and potential wise.

By saying that Seguin's value has dropped slightly, I meant very slightly. So far his offensive game isn't there. He's a young kid and he's way down the depth chart for the bruins obviously BUT there is now a higher risk that the offensive game never translates properly because we have seen a sample size of him in the NHL and there hasn't been much offense, only a flash here and there. That would be the only reason I would say he has dropped in value ever so slightly. Hopefully my paragraph made a touch of sense.

As for the Bruins in the future, one never knows. I was thinking more in the effect of in a few years, there is no Thomas, and Chara and Savard will be older. The three main important cogs for the Bruins the last few years (I know not this year for Savard). Say Seguin is 22 ish when he's an integral part of the team. At that time all those players you mentioned are 4 years older, many will have signed new more expensive deals or have been traded or signed elsewhere. With the cap system, most teams only have a short window for cup wins before the team is on the way down for whatever reason. From 2007, the Ottawa Senators are in terrible shape right now, 2007 was the year they needed to win and with Heatley/Spezza and good prospects, they looked like they would be pretty good in the future too. Last year, the Hawks won, but they had to trade away all their good secondary players to get under the cap in the off season. For the bruins, in my opinion, the next 2 or so years is their window to win and they should try and do everything to win during this window, or they may have to start again.

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