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01-23-2011, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Razzmatazz View Post
...between physicality and attempting to hurt people.

Twice in the past few months, I've had a player hit me while my back was turned to them and while I was down on the ice. Last night I had the other player's foot locked between my legs after he had cross checked me to the ice (from behind, naturally) ...he couldn't get loose, so instead of trying to free himself by taking a dive to try to draw a penalty, like a sane person would do, he dropped 220 pounds of obesity as hard as he could right onto my back while I was facedown on the ice.

I'm not sure there is a beer league anywhere that allows checking, but for the most part, I'll tolerate people throwing hits at me if the following conditions apply:

1.) The hit would otherwise be a legal hit in a checking league.
2.) I have a noticeable skill advantage to the player attempting to check me, and
3.) I have my head up and know a collision is coming

A lot of people in these leagues started skating as adults, myself included, and have never played at any level with legal checking, and subsequently, don't have the instincts to prepare and protect themselves when someone decides to take a shot at them. What makes attempting to hit people worse is that the people making the hits usually are doing it out of frustration, and do it when the target player is in a vulnerable position.

There are probably a lot of people even on here reading this that sometimes have trouble controlling their emotions: there is NEVER a justified reason to hit a player while their back is turned.
I'm pretty sure i saw this happen. Was this in Brandon, towards the end of the game? I was watching the end cause i was going on for the next game. Didn't see the hit, but i saw the ensuing scrum.

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