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Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
Although the Selke is supposed to go to the best defensive player, it really goes to players who can score at least at a second line clip, while providing really good defense. Unfortunately there are players who are more deserving of the trophy that don't put up enough points. So, your Selke argument is pretty weak IMO, as is anyone else who uses it to judge the defensive abilities of a forward.
Unfortunately, that is the standard we live by other than what we watch with our own eyes and compare it with the knowledge we have. Basically, we are left with subjective opinion.
Weak argument or not, I base it mostly on my opinion as any stat you or I could throw out to bolster our claim could be easily skewed/ripped apart and one of us could tell the other that "it is a weak argument"

Or do you think McClement is Staals equal?
Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
You have a few really good defensive centers?
Yes actually we do. One is the player mentioned in Jordan Staal. Another is the exact type of player you described above in Craig Adams. A third good defensive center we have is none other than Sidney Crosby. That would qualify as a few although I was talking about bottom six forwards who are excellent in there own end to which I could give you a few more names if you would like.

Point being, we have no need for more of this type of player. Especially if Staal is going the other way (I realise it is a package deal and there are others involved, we just simply have no need for any more bottom six defensive specialists. Were swimming in them right now).

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