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01-23-2011, 10:43 PM
Jules Winnfield
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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
You make good points in your second paragraph, but the fact is Kessel can score more playing with AHL talent than Kunitz can with Crosby and Malkin and Kunitz is 8 years older.

I can't imagine how many more goals Kessel could get with Crosby or Malkin.
They are completely different players. Kunitz's job isn't to score like Kessel. It's to punish the opposing defensemen and open ice for Sid while contributing some goals here and there (I believe he has 16 so far this season).

Like I said, you weren't going to like it...but I really can't see any teams giving up much more than 2 current roster players and a prospect/pick for him. That's why it's just best to keep him and surround him with talent.

You pretty much said it yourself. If Kessel is playing with AHLers, how is that helping the Leafs? If you trade him, you take a dynamic player out of the lineup but still have AHLers around? Too much $ in the defense and get some offense. If it weren't for Grabovski, the Leafs would really be up **** creek this season.

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