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01-23-2011, 11:44 PM
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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
Different rules in Canada. Your regulators actually try to protect the consumers, ours just protect the monopolies and profits of the mega-corporations.
Boy ain't that the truth...we actually have an oligopoly situation with respect to cable ...Verizon and Comcast. This merger will def squeeze consumers in the long run. They always seem benign in the beginning...kind of like all the mergers and acquisitions in the go-go mid 90's when deregulation went nutso. Of course, taxpayers had to bail out the major banks and their bad bets when the crap hit the fan in 07 and continue to do so since they have been deemed systemically important and too big to fail. Kind of ironic since anything that is too big should be deemed systemically dangerous and broken up into it's bad parts (debt ring fenced) and good parts (sold off) like they did with the S&L crisis! Antitrust is a thing of the past....Teddy Roosevelt is rolling in his grave and companies like Comcast are dancing on it.

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