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01-23-2011, 11:22 PM
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Think the way to look at the Rangers center situation is that none of Stepan, Anisimov or Boyle are completely developed players and that in time they could--in some (if not in all) cases should be much more than they are right now. The question then becomes is any one of them a legit future 1st line center?--and Stepan IMO seems to be a very good candidate for that. Boyle IMO fits into a Bobby Holik/Joel Otto kind of role--keeping in mind this season he's showing a real goal scoring instinct beyond what a Holik or Otto ever showed and that he's even a larger--potentially more physically imposing player than either Otto or Holik. Anisimov at this point is more of a question mark but if we're setting are sights on him being a very good 2nd line center I think that is a very realistic projection.

At this point in time I'm not for moving any of them and projecting just a little bit into the future I don't see where moving any of them is going to fill some absolute need apart from a puck moving defenseman which should be covered by Del Zotto for the forseeable future anyway. My own opinion of Del Zotto is he has the goods--at the moment he needs to work on his defense and get his confidence back. So why move Anisimov or Boyle for some quick fix?--when we can do the quick fix by being more selective with the UFA process. Take care of our own players first and make additions later.

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