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01-24-2011, 03:40 AM
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vCash: 500 father is a plenty competent skater, but he never really 'coached' me on that. and i think that was probably for the best. my parents enrolled me in power skating classes from a very young age, with an instructor who knew what they were doing when it comes to both skating AND teaching skating. and more importantly...i think i responded more seriously to an 'external' authority like that than i likely would have to my dad.

there's nothing wrong with teaching some basics and taking the kid out to build up their balance and comfort on the ice, etc. but you don't want to pass down bad habits you may have, and you don't want to have to worry about fighting frustration with your kid when he doesn't get it immediately.

trying to teach skating is one of the most immensely frustrating things i've ever attempted. lol. it's incredibly upsetting that 'i dunno, just it right' isn't a valid piece of instruction.

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