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01-24-2011, 08:50 AM
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Originally Posted by barrytrotzsneck View Post
The first Oilers goal was actually more of a bad read by O'Brien than directly Franson's fault. Franson tried to pinch, Reddox made a great chip to get around him, and O'Brien left HIS man(Cogliano, the eventual goal scorer) wide open to go fishing for the puck--a very low percentage, stupid way to make that play. He effectively took himself out of position in such a way that he was covering neither man, nor the passing lane. His best bet would have been to stay on Cogliano to take away HIS shot and the pass, and let Rinne take his chances with Reddox from a tougher angle.
BTN. I snipped alot of your post b/c I agree with all of it. I actually agree with what you have here too, but you almost seem like you are giving franson a pass here. I do agree the edmonton player made a nice, decisive play, but franson was the personification of "pylon" on that play.
I have criticized franson quite a bit, but I do think he has been playing A LOT better. It's just on that play he looked BAD, and slow, and I think people are giving him a pass because of that awesome shootout goal.
Oh well though. It happens to them all once in a while and, overall, I'm quite happy with franson's play of late.


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