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01-24-2011, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I would pick up a shaft and wood blade. It will have much better feel and performance than a cheap stick.

What's your height/weight/strength level?
A good tip, plus you can play around with different blades/curves until you find something you like. I'd suggest:



Of the available curves (only PM9, P88 or P92) I'd probably stick with the PM9 or P88. The PM9 is a bit flatter in general and more of a heel curve, while the P88 is decently big and a true mid curve. The P92 is a good curve too, but it's pretty open/weged, I'd probably stay with more closed curves till you get more comfortable and are really rolling your wrists as you shoot. For the shaft start with the 75 flex unless you're a really big/strong guy, it'll help you get the feel of using the flex in the stick to power your shots. Not sure how experienced you are from before you stopped playing, if you played a lot of hockey before and know that you like stiff sticks and a specific curve then just ignore this advice

Alternately, there's nothing wrong with a good wood stick, such as the Sherwood 5030. Definitely the cheaper option.

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