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01-24-2011, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by jareklajkosz View Post
This trade doesn't make any sense. You're asking us to give up our franchise player AND a top-6 forward/top-4 defenseman for what amounts to losing a spare for a bottom-6 forward, bottom-4 defenseman? Sorry, that doesn't fly, and if anyone tries to do that trade, it'll be up for veto.
How about I just let the other 39 GMs negotiate my trades for me, then, as apparently I'm either always giving too much or too little? I'm not trying to be a Pronger over this, but vetos are meant for deals that would imply collusion or otherwise undermine the process- not ones you just don't like. In that case, I'm going to veto every deal because one team will always have a greater advantage, however slight.

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