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01-24-2011, 01:39 PM
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For those who are interested, these got repaired fantastically. I had my girlfriend repair these and she did a fantastic job. First I unbuttoned and set aside the top (rib/hip pad area) from the bottom of the pants for easier access to the torn area. She first stitched the holes. There is going to be a little puckering due to the nature of the stretchy material...this is okay, but you want the pucker to go to the inside of the pants, so it is less likely to snag on the ice. Then after that was done, she laid a towel down on the inside of the pants, so the iron (using the cotton setting) would not burn the material and heated up the effected area. She then took a black patch (same as you would patch a pair of jeans), but cut it just a little bigger than the stitched area and rounded the corners, so it has less chance to lift on the corners. Heating up before hand will allow the patch to stay in place without moving. She then placed the towel back on top of the patch and went over it for about 30-40 seconds. Buttoned the pants back together and good as new. Also the area still most of its stretchiness.
I should have taken pics. You can't even tell they were repaired unless the tailbone pad is pulled back and they are held up to the light.

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