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07-07-2005, 01:16 PM
Wild Bill
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Originally Posted by Mat
if you read any of the thread, he has LOST A LOT OF MONEY and is in financial troubles, meaning he will NOT SIGN FOR A MINIMAL CONTRACT and will opt. to go (more than likely) to whom ever pays him the most so he can re-coup his losses while he still can
Whoa there....I think you're the one who has to read his own thread. This is the first you actually say he has lost money.

This was what you originally said:
Originally Posted by Mat
Modano needs money...bad. As such, he may be forced to leave Dallas to persue other offers.
You say he needs money bad....for what? Crack? His mamma to have a heart transplant? Be more specific.

All I wanted to know was what you basing all this on. Do you have a link to a story or something that actually explains his financial situation?

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