Thread: Proposal: Fisher to Nashville
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01-24-2011, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by CPhoenixM View Post
So you're ignoring the defensive prospect in Wierchioch who is highly regarded (despite being a year or two out of the NHL) and the 3rd round from Ottawa?

Meh, ok. I'm not going to argue it I was just here to gauge Fisher's value to you guys. I do think it's dumb to vote it as 'worst trade proposal' in the last 12 months considering you've have a considerable upgrade to Goc, a high third and a good defensive prospect.

Very weird reaction. I can understand if you can't afford to take Fisher, though.
Last thing we need is to give up a good power forward prospect for yet another defensive prospect. We've got guys in Milwaukee on defense who are ready and kids in the pipeline who will be. I don't think Fisher+3rd is worth Goc+1st even without considering the salary hit.


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