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01-24-2011, 03:53 PM
Ched Brosky
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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
Vancouver is already looking to get rid of Ballard. It was a dumb move getting both him and Hamhuis. They didn't need him. He's a waste of 4.2 million per.

Media reports are saying he's on his way out so I wouldn't call it ridiculous.

Keith Ballard=Mike Komisarek.
I highly doubt that Ballard is on his way out. Ehrhoff, Salo, Alberts and Bieksa are UFA's at the seasons end.

Without Ballard the Nucks are left with Edler and Hamhuis, and Rome.

With Salo being soo injury prone he could potentially retire after this season and if he doesn't he's probably going to have to sign a cheap contract with bonuses for games played.
You can't really expect more than 50 games out of him at most. Say he is re-signed, he would be the #5 at his age and to make sure he isn't injured as much by decreasing his ice time.

Now you have a bottom pairing and need 2 top 4 dmen. What are the chances you keep both the ones you have when the teams is doing soo good meaning players are going to get raises?

Now say we re-sign Ehrhoff and lose Bieksa. Now how likely are the Canucks going to sign a guy that is a top 4 dman in the UFA market and fit him in the cap and be as good or better than Ballard?

All the top guys available are going to get somehwere around 5.5M-6M. Now the guys on Ballards level will probably get around 5M on the market because of how high the cap is and how teams always overpay for top 6 fowards or top 4 dmen in the off season.

So keeping Ballard isn't hurting us right now especially with all the injuries as if he was traded we would have to play Nolan Baumgartner today in our top 4. If not him it would be Lee Sweat or Chris Tanev. I say Baumer because its unlikely anyone else gets the call. Parent is the other choice but the Gillis knows he will be claimed when put on re-entry waivers so he's not losing an asset and wasting cap space.
Plus keeping him sets most of the core defense for the team for next season

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