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Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
Well...since you've asked twice...Frankly, I don't get what they're about. What's the connection that they are making between the Crew and CBJ? I know the Jacket Backers have been around for years and have sanctioned events (arena tours, road trips, viewing parties). Maybe these guys don't realize it?

They seem very immature when they can't take constructive criticism. My impression, since they think they are inventing something that hasn't been done before, is that they don't feel the Jacket Backers fits their social demographics. Maybe they want a group for teens/college age fans, and see the Jacket Backers as a fan group more geared to the older crowd (Mid-20s +).
They knew about JB because several folks pointed it out when they started out saying they were the first fan group. It's clear to me from what they've said that you're 100% right. They basically see the JB as a boring group with official ties to the team and incapable of doing whatever it is they plan to do.

I honestly think they just see it as a way to channel their passion for the team, dragging some soccer folks in to get drunk with them. Will be interesting if it takes off. The problem I see coming is how it will go over with the organization. They've no problem telling CBJ fans who dare question the name to screw off, wonder what they'll tell the usher the first time he asks them to watch their language or put down the banners or put away the air horns.

I love the idea of bringing energy into the arena, though. Just afraid that it will be classless, drunken and angry energy that will be embarrassing. If my season tickets were near 227, I'd be concerned if they'd make it more fun or less fun at this point. Time will tell. it could very well be that I'm just too old and uptight to get into such things anymore

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