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01-24-2011, 06:08 PM
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I've read these topics for the past few months and one thing being a Winnipegger, I want the Coyotes back in Winnipeg. However, the amount that the COG council is willing to give to keep the team there, I just don't know how this deal will crumble.

If they don't sell the bond, there has to be other assets they could use.
If they don't get enough, I'm thinking the NHL will create some sort of deal to give MH partial ownership that will allow the COG to pay the NHL for the other amount. Once that is done, the NHL will give MH full ownership.

It just seems that since the COG council is still 5-2 or even 4-3, Scruggly has the final word and she has a hard on to get this deal done no matter the cost without explaining anything.

There is no way Coyotes game parking will generate much cash. This will probably drive attendance down. Oh wait. Those who simply have no cared about NHL in Pheonix for 15 years will all of a sudden attend the games because they care so much about this ownership scenario?

If I was the public (Wait, we were), We would go to as many games as we could to show our support for the NHL in our city. We would( Wait, we did) raise as much money as we could through rallys and however else we could.

The public has not shown up, how can this truly benefit the businesses in Westgate if this is truly what Scruggly says.

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