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Originally Posted by no name View Post
So I have to go back in for more surgery in two days. They have to clean up more of the tear that they noticed in my updated scans. They are also worried about a possible blood clot that seems to be forming. I might be admitted early so the can monitor if a clot is forming.

My recovery time has been pushed back to up to 10 months. My friend went to my scan with me today and has been super supportive. He informed me that he has been fired as a trainer and encouraged me to sue the company to cover my losses. He's seeked a lawyer and the company can't go after him outright so we agreed that as long as I don't name him in the suit he will admit to fault and there will be no hard feelings.

I talked with the lead trainer (my other friend) and he is on board with it. He said that there was another woman 3 years ago that sued them and she didn't even need surgery. She just had months of physical therapy and she was partly at fault for the injury. She settled for 85 grand. Much of that had to go to her expenses but that's still a healthy profit for something that wasn't as serious or as clear cut a case as mine. I currently am choosing between 5 legal offices that want to handle my case. We're doing as much homework as I can on the lawyer groups.

This may turn out ok. I've been druming up business selling jobs for about 14 different contractors and they all are lined up for three months so I should still receive my profit percentage on a steady schedule for the next three months so I'll be able to pay my bills during the down time. Despite the fact that my business goals and the fact that I finally got to a point to where I was going to be in a muscle and fitness, MO show in July are put on pause this may turn out to be ok. I'm actually not stressed at all.
Great News.

Have you looked into disability? I know it has a bad stigma but you all pay for it and it is there for you. Your doctor I think should be able to give you a form to fill out or maybe there is an office that you can find like the DMV that can help. Its what social programs are there for and you certainly can use all the help you can get.

Just looking out for you. Lucky we have talented Law Dogs around here that are willing to give us some steerage when needed.

Keep us informed and keep pushing, it will all be behind you in time.

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