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Originally Posted by Zundo View Post
Fair enough. We can move on from the unpleasant part of our discussions.

As far as not being, none of us can know that, but I bet managers don't "know" what they will and will not do in close call situations either, as I assume such a trade would be. They most likely make a judgment call based on the information at hand and hope it all works out. As a fan this would be impossible to know if this is their thought process. But in listening to interviews, watching the team, looking at past trends and putting yourself in one's shoes, some fans can make a pretty good guess as to what would happen...that is if they stay subjective and leave their personal beliefs out of it (as much as one can).

I will acknowledge that I have been wrong in some of my predictions though. I didn't see the Halak trade nor the Dags trade coming at all.
Fair enough. I agree that a fan can make an educated decison based on the information at hand (and you listed said information very well I might add). I also know management is usually tight lipped and uses alot of misdirection in the press which can sometimes make an educated guess rather difficult to decipher (deciphering between what MAY be true and what is being said for the sake of getting misguided "information" out there).

As far as being wrong, how's this one. When the Penguins let Matt Moulson walk for free and signed Connor James, I thought that James would be just as good of a player as Moulson (this due not so much thinking highly of James, just thinking Moulson wouldnt amount to much more than a fringe player). Now thats called missing the mark by a LOOONG shot!

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