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01-24-2011, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by DutchShamrock View Post
You need to actually read. He has had anything but a consistent career. If you want to look at 10 games and declare him a solid, hard working and consistent player, then go ahead. And besides that, I'm not advocating trading him. Me posting his name doesn't tilt the scales in his favor of being traded, I'm just trying to connect some dots that Eklund threw out there.

Where did I say Wolski is like Dupuis? And to have such disgust shows how little you know anyway. But for the record, I mentioned Dupuis because he was traded for by Sather, played well, and was moved before he even played double digit games for us. I was just trying to show some history and that it isn't unheard of.
I did read. You called him inconsistent. He has put up pretty good stats in his career. When the trade was made many said that maybe the change of scenery would help him. Yeah its been 10 games but it certainly seem like he enjoys playing for New York. He has been very helpful and productive. He helped us win in the shootout tonight. Why would we trade him? Because people feel he has been an inconsistent player in his PAST? I'm only concerned about the present and presently he has been a blessing for this team because we'd be even in worse shape without him.

And no you didnt compare him to Dupuis but you made the connection that Sather has acquired a player and then traded them shortly after. He really only did that with Dupuis. However, Dupuis is not half the player that Wolski is. And I dont know what hockey you were watching but Dupuis did absolutely nothing while he was here. He added good speed and thats about it. He had no finishing ability here. Thats why he was traded. Wolski is producing, sather isnt going to trade him. Eklund makes up all this garbage. The Canucks aren't dealing "solid" players off their roster when they are 2nd in the league in points. And sather certainly isnt stupid when it comes to trades.

Oh and by the way...Wolski has only been here 8 games. He has 6 points in those 8 games. Not 10 games.
Dupuis was here 6 games...had just 1 goal, just 10 shots, and was a -4 player.

I think theres a difference.

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