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01-25-2011, 03:52 AM
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Originally Posted by wings5 View Post
Yes I know since he is a 95 he won't be eligible this coming summer. I'm guessing he will be playing in the u-20 league next year. It really is rare thing to have prospects to go to another European country but a few other prospects are starting to do this mostly ones from weaker hockey countries i.e Denmark-Sweden Nikolai Meyer. Its dissappointing but I have a feeling most of the top prospects of Slovakia will chose to go to the CHL anyways. Reway, Torok, Koys, Paulovic, and Dano etc, a very strong feeling these guys will be drafted and enticed to go.
It remains to be seen what they will choose and I doubt all of them will take the same road and Id say we probably will have a chance to compare how taking this or that road helped them turn out.

Daňo is the only one eligible for the CHL draft already this year and while I think he might be drafted, Id say that getting ice-time with the big boys already now at 16, that he will stay with Dukla at least one more year, playing and learning from some of his dads old teammates and then go to CHL in his draft season, kind of getting the best of both roads.

Koy, at least for the next season, I expect him in Trenčn juniors team, maybe they might even give him some limited time there at the end of this season?

Reway, it seems that this season he is mostly stuck in the U18 league, because Martin wasnt all that successful when he was gone to juniors. However if at least half the off-ice things he is already famous for at this age is true, he might be one of the kids that could actually greatly benefit from the CHl at least in getting his head straight.

Torok already made one move and with what alko is saying about Sweden, he might try it again after the season. Since his dad actually followed him to play in CZE, though other team, he might be more likely to go to Sweden than the CHL, where his dad can actually play in some of the lower Swedish leagues and still be a good player despite his age.

With what Pablo said about Paulovič, he seems to be the kid who needs a move to an another club really bad. But Id guess even for him it is an another Slovak team for next season at least. he already played 2 games for Nitra U20 this season, but I dont know why he returned to Topoľčany whether Nitra wasnt satisfied with what they got or more likely Topoľčany really wanted to have him back. Its just sad that we would destroy even one of the few talents we get with that whole playing deffense thing.

Originally Posted by alko View Post
He realized self, that for now it is above his skills. So he returned to Slavia Praha.
That seems weird and it might sound like he doesnt want to take on a challenge, but maybe he just thought that he had more of a chance of logging in big minutes in Cze U18 and that it would be better than small minutes in J18 Elit?

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