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01-25-2011, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Wait, wait. You're trying to call someone else out about their math when you're trying to claim that girardi is just 3 1/2 years younger than Rozsival. Rosie is 32 right now. Girardi is 26 and will be turning 27 in April. Say it with me now...5 years. That's the difference for the mathematically challenged out there. That is a huge difference.

In 2-3 years Girardi will only be 29, 30 years old. Not 32. He will also only be making $3.3 million, NOT $5 million. Girardi has been more steady than Rozsival. You're argument makes absolutely no sense. On top of that, if Girardi does become "dead weight" the way you are claiming is a possibility, it really wont be an issue. Why? Because his contract will be up at 30 years old. We will have those prospects ready to fill in. Or we could go through FA and replace him.

Now as for Rosie. He was NOT good offensively. His offensive stats have been on the decline since the 06-07 year, his peak season in his career. Here are his stats from then on:

06-07 season: 40 points
07-08 season: 38 points
08-09 season: 30 points
09-10 season: 23 points
10-11 season: 15 points currently (on pace for 28 according to, however, he has been battling injuries so that number will dwindle down)

He has not been the same player offensively that he was a few years ago. He was OK defensively here. He was great when it came to logging a lot of ice time. He has only played the full 82 games twice in his career. And he was never considered part of the "core" years ago, he was just all we had that was actually somewhat reliable. Girardi had played all 82 games the last 3 seasons and was on track to do the same this season until his recent injury which is a minor one where he wont miss more than maybe 2 games.

You have yet to give us a reason as to why PHO would trade Hanzal who is just 23 years old. He has recorded at least 30 points the last 3 seasons. He needs just one more goal to set a career high for himself. He seems to be improving every year. He is big. Why are they trading him again? Do you think these things through? No you dont. You just assume PHO wants to give us their nice young players because they gave us W2 for Rosie who has been average and is currently banged up making us the winners of the deal thus far.

Again you fail to explain why a team struggling very badly financially would want to take on Drury's albatross of a contract. Not to mention he is useless and unproductive.

And Jovanovski is not a "good" defenseman. He is barely average and thats being nice. He is not the same player he once was. Yeah I'd be interested if this was 3-4 years ago, but its not. He's 34 years old! Why dont you get it. Just because he is big doesnt mean ****. He is worse than Girardi is. Thats all there is to it. In fact he is worse than the majority of our D. I'd rather have Eminger, Sauer, Staal, Girardi than him out there. MDZ is working on his game and has looked better so if he is playing like he can than him too would be out there over him. McD is still young and undeveloped. And Gilroy's play lately is much more desirable than what Jovanovski would bring to the table which is not much. The point is he is NOT good. No matter how much you try and convince yourself and the people of this board, he just simply isnt. I dont want him here and I doubt many others do. In fact you should make a poll asking the board if they'd prefer Jovanovski over Girardi, or Jovanovski period for that matter. I can tell you right now you wont like the results. Dont want him now. Dont want to sign him when he's 35. He wont come here and be doing anything different because its his "contract year." You wanna know why? Because he's old and past his prime. He cant turn it on and just start being the player he was when he was 30.

But I know you're ignoring my posts because you dont like to hear the truth. Just like you didnt in the other thread where our posts got deleted. I'm sorry if the truth hurts and you cant handle it.
Well said...i have been fighting this fight a long time and these guys keep coming up with insane deals...I think they just want a reaction...but thank you for putting this mutt in is place.

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