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01-25-2011, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by wpgyotes View Post
What's the catch?
- In this market you absolutely need a 20% down-payment and a good job to get a loan.
- No one really knows when this mess is going to bottom out. I thought it had 6 months ago.

According to what I've read, job openings & salaries aren't good these days. There are a lot of people stuck here because of their mortgage. If things don't pan out for you in AZ over the next year, you have to be prepared to take a loss on that house if you need to get out of here.

Writing / communication jobs don't pay very well around here. Forget about state agencies, there's no money there. The NGO / non-profit market is not great, either. I work for a non-profit, all of our revenue comes from out of state. As far as I can tell, local membership or donation-based organizations are struggling.

I have a communication degree as well. So glad I changed my career to software engineering. Way better opportunities and 3x the pay.

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