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01-25-2011, 12:32 PM
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Ranger44, this is not NHL 11 on playstation. You don't trade your 2nd defenseman, who has one of the best bang for your buck contracts in the league. You think you can just go around and trade everyone on the team, trade Gabby, trade Girardi... hell why dont we trade Lundqvist.. with your logic he will be in his mid 30's in 10 years, and thats like only a decade away...

Altough Staal had a good game against OV without girardi, and that might seem to help your argument, it doesn't. He would miss girardi, they have such great chemistry together.

And Rozy was never part of THIS core, he was a little over payed, and we had young guys ready to replace him NOW. He wasnt over 3 years younger like Girardi, and on a much better contract. Who is to say that anyone is ready to step up and take on top 2 minutes for a whole season too

Please Rangers44 from now on do us all a favor, and before you post some crazy proposal, or statement, take a second.. count to 5, and think. Does this actually make any ****ing sense at all?

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