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01-25-2011, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by SnowBlue View Post
Just curious; how is the Sherwood 7000 PMP featherglass? I currently own one for my wrong side. Or would just a wooden stick be better?

What about the sherwood RM7?

On a different topic; any suggestions for good skates? The onces I own probably will not withstand a puck.
I'd just start with wood sticks until you figure out what you like. You don't want to buy an expensive stick and realize you hate it. I'm just getting into playing ice (haven't played roller since I was a pre-teen) and I'm using the 5030 with the Coffey curve and I love it but as others have said the curve is ridiculous.

Skates really depend on your foot type - different brand and styles cater to different foot styles. Get in to a pro shop and have them fit you for skates there - just make sure you buy there if they take the time to accommodate you. I didn't have a skate shop around here to try skates on so I had to tell people my foot type (narrow heel and regular foot width) and one poster suggested the Stealth series so I ended up getting Easton Stealth S9's for < $150.

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