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Originally Posted by Rick Blaine View Post
I don't think so at all. The point of my argument is nothing happens suddenly or from one instance. I'm not disputing slavery as a main cause (maybe the Taco Bell sends you over the top), but to not consider what precipitated it (the all-day drinking) seems too convenient.
Well... sure, you can say that inadequate dressing of the slavery issue during the Constitutional Convention. Or the invention of the cotten gin that made growing cash crops in the south using slave labor economically profitable. Or the sudden shift of popular culture in the 1850s to suddenly turn the majority of the northern population abolitionists.
However, like I said before, all of them are derivatives of slavery issue.
Three-Fifth Compromise, Mason-Dixon Compromise, Missouri Compromise, Ostend Manifesto, Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott, Lincoln-Douglas Debate... all of them derived from slavery and expansion of slavery...
Cause of Civil War generally goes:
Slavery >>> Western Expansion >> Differentials in Economic systems > State's Rights > Tariffs
All but maybe tariffs are related to slavery or caused by slavery.
Even the Southerners recognized this. Texas Declaration of Causes for Secession even spent half the document talking about slavery.

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