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01-25-2011, 10:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Alternate Jersey View Post
hey man, just wanted to relay my support. i've been reading up on your story, and it sounded pretty brutal, so i'm glad you're doing all right--especially emotionally/mentally. it's great that your trainer friends are being so supportive, and that's a lot of luck in and of itself right there.

i have no legal background or anything like that, but just from watching tv and hearing the occasional horror story, the only thing i'd say you should definitely do is make sure everything that's being agreed to is being done either in writing or in a legal proceeding of some sort. of course, you might already be doing that as it is, and in that case, i hope i'm not insulting you! haha.

best of luck on the long recovery. bed rest = more time on HF!
Thanks man. Much appreciate support and advise. I've got my fancy laptop all hooked up at the hospital so I can cruise the net and watch the Kings feed online. Now if only they'd stop coming in every 30 minutes and leave me to myself.

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