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01-26-2011, 06:34 AM
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There's a reason why Henrik gets beat by so many deflections.

Quite simply: he doesnt challenge shooters. Everybody knows that he plays deep in the net on every shot.

What CuJo, Richter and Brodeur were very good at were coming way out to cut down the angles. Also, if a shot was upcoming, they would skate above the crease to the closest forward, minimizing the chance of a tip in getting past them.

I just dont buy the idea that a deflected goal isnt entirely the goalie fault. Did any of you guys see Hasek play? That guy was deep in the nets all the time, yet he was the best in the world at anticipating deflections.

Goalies arent stupid. They know about the threat of a deflection. It certainly seems like a good portion of goals scored on Henrik are deflections.

Time to fix the problem.

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