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01-26-2011, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by boots electric View Post
A question for those of you who have experience in the biz:

I'm currently attending graduate school for Library Science (Archival Science specifically), and I was wondering...are there any NHL jobs at the league or team level that would lend themselves towards that sort of specialization? In the past, Library-related jobs have been mostly a public sector thing, but the private sector has started to jump on board in the last decade or so. Are there any indications of the NHL following suit, or should I vacate my hopes of working for the NHL right now?
You might need to investigate something like the Elias Sports Bureau or Stats (part of AP).

I just don't think the league or union, much less the teams, have that much interest (much less the expertise) to have an on demand type archival look up (which is what I'm guessing you specialize in).

Or, maybe the Hockey Hall of Fame?

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