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01-26-2011, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by austrooper View Post
I think all Tommies fans would agree: there needs to be a change with the guy in charge of the hockey program. Why not co-ordinate it with the move into the new Grant Harvey rink? Sell it as a fresh beginning...a new era in STU hockey...Mike Eagles knows the game for sure and probably isn't a bad coach, but he misses out when it comes to recruiting and dealing with the mind-set of players at the university's a difficult transition to make for a guy who knows hockey as a player who progressed through the junior and pro levels, but didn't play or follow the game at the university level.....different type of player to try and sell a program.....STU needs a guy who has a background in recruiting at that level and who also has an appreciation for the role of alumni and support groups....alumni groups are critical to successful university need their financial imput and also their support at the turn, the coach/recruiter needs to at least acknowledge their presence, work with the group to recognize outstanding achievement within the program and to connect the new with the old....Eagles has no concept of this as well...
Well said Austrooper. As a Tommies fan I agree. I don't want Eagles to get railroaded but a change is necessary like you mention.

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