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01-26-2011, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Sam89Gags View Post
I'm too lazy to go through the thread but I'm gonna ask this again and I don't mean this to be a rude way.

Flyers fans aren't as bad as the media portray them right? Like as an Oilers fan wearing a taylor hall jersey on the day the Oilers play teh flyers, I shouldn't expect beer thrown or get beat up right?

I just hope I can interact with flyers fans before and after a game and talk hockey and be civil about it. Even though I'm an oilers fan, I'm a hockey fan too.
Maybe I shouldn't ruin our "reputation" but the media's portrayal of Flyers fans is hyperbolic. I've been to 3 away games in the past year. One in NJ during the playoffs, Boston back in December & NYC a couple weeks ago. I would have to say NYC and Newark were just as hostile if not more than I have ever seen in Philly.

You'll be okay. Like the other poster said, with the lack of rivalry the trash talk toward you should be limited if any. As long as you behave yourself - meaning not making eye contact - you'll be okay. The last time the Pen's were in town, at least in my section, we were very civil towards the Pen fans.

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