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01-26-2011, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by shoeshine boy View Post
I'm not trying to be a smarta** here but are you guys using the Sweet Stick correctly? it has a very specific way you have to run it down the blade or yes, you will mess up your edges. less is more with that thing and you need to be using it at the correct angle as well.
I've used it once or twice in a bad pinch and had teammates use it a couple of times and we haven't experienced these "unskateable edges" that some of you have experienced.
The sweet stick does have directions and it is not fool proof, but read the directions once and you should be fine. I am wondering if people are putting too much pressure on it and that is what is destroying the edges. I use the sweet stick before every skate unless I have just gotten them sharpened. Two light swipes down the blade from front to back with the stick held at an angle and I am good to go. I skate 3 times a week so I need something like this so I am not getting my skates sharpened once a week.

I'm glad there are at least a couple people who have had good experiences b/c for a minute I thought I was going crazy. Honestly something like this would not be on the market if it destroyed your blades every time it was used.

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