Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Ryan White (Sent Down)
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01-26-2011, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by AllCanadienFan View Post
I've been watching Whitey since he joined the Dogs. Can't help but love the guy, he brings a lot of character to the game and team. I watched the game against Ottawa and, unless he had a huge turnaround last night, where he played just under 6 minutes, I have trouble understanding the love affair the Habs fans have with him. He is always a step and a half behind the play and I saw no difference against Ottawa. I read he had 6 hits, I missed 5 of them. We have two players for sure that bring better hockey skills to the table, Wyman and Engquist, who just got sent down. Wyman has way more speed, will go into the corners and grind the for puck and has way better stats than Whitey. As for him willing to drop the gloves, in Hamilton he loses more than he wins. Against Ottawa he gets into a fight with Lee, not a real heavy weight and when the Habs were up 6-1. Hey if it's just grittiness and fighting your looking for I can give you an argument for Henry. He can play the wing, he's just a fast as Whitey, has way more hockey sense and is a hell of a lot tougher.
Absolutely agree with you. I don't know about Wyman, but Engquist is a better player in pretty much every facet of the game, with the possible exception of grit, and even there I saw him using his big body very effectively. Despite playing mostly in a shutdown role, Engquist has more goals and points, and is solid +7 while White is a minus player. I really hope they bring Engquist back this season, particularly he is Martin's kind of player, great defensively but has skills to conribute on offense.

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