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01-27-2011, 06:18 AM
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Macnow actually is an avid hockey fan, not surprising since he's from Buffalo.

Gagano doesn't really know what he is talking about, but he tries. He's clearly more comfortable talking Football/Hoops/Baseball.

Missanelli actually is the king of Philly sports radio right now, at least ratings-wise. He's crushing Eskin. Missanelli still feels hockey is a clearly inferior sport to baseball, football, and basketball. He'll give the Flyers their due these days but he was better until he started to clean Eskin's clock. That's gone to his head. He isn't as bad as in his WIP days during he Lindros-era (when he clearly hated Lindros).

Eskin is just Eskin and has been hit hard by the Mikey Miss rivalry, to the point they gave him Ike Reese to balance his act, who actually does a pretty decent job (whenever I listen, which is rare, I can't stand Eskin) at calling Howard out whenever he contradicts himself, which is frequently.

Eskin clearly HATES hockey. Reese actually seems to be a budding new fan who has dedicated himself to his new profession by trying to build up his expertise in sports other than football. I find his attitude refreshing, if his knowledge is underwhelming.

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