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Originally Posted by Columbus Mike View Post
Never been to White Castle... that is a MUST go

Originally Posted by Matt Foley View Post
As for what to do, here's a helpful link:

Columbus IMO doesn't have one signature food; it's pretty much a chain restaurant haven with some unique places thrown in. German Village (just south of downtown) has a lot of neat places eat and imbibe. The area around the arena also has some nice places as well - the RBar in particular is a must-visit for out-of-town hockey fans.

Edit: if there's one signature food in Columbus, Columbus Mike has it pegged.
Ya during Man V Food it mentioned the German District, so I will hit up that probably.

Originally Posted by BJFan1 View Post
Right near the arena, there is a few really good food places to check out. There is BD's (a make-your-own-all-you-can-eat-stir-fry place), Ted's (specializing in Buffalo burgers, and meat in general), the Garage Bar has some pretty good bar food.

Signature food dish??? I don't know if there's anything really here that you can't get elsewhere... but I would go check out Thurman's for that burger!!!

Stuff to do in Columbus on the off-day.... the Columbus Zoo is the #1 zoo in the US if you are in to that kind of stuff... cool place to spend a couple hours and not too expensive. Downtown there is the Columbus Museum of Art, you could check out their website to see what kind of exhibit they have going on... there is a also a place called COSI, it is a science exploration center... mainly for the younger folk but still enjoyable. You could check the schedules for some of the theater's downtown and see if there is any shows in town, or you could always head into the suburbs and check out some of the large malls that Columbus features, Easton Town Market of Polaris Fashion Place. Something to note as well... Polaris has a LOT of excellent restaurants featuring a large variety of foods. I would recommend The Pub as a place to check out... LOTS of different beers to enjoy :-D

Enjoy your visit to Columbus!!!


Big fan of zoos so may do that, the pub sounds like a good visit... ya, the Thurman Cafe looks like a MUST visit too.

Appreciate the input guys!!

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