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01-27-2011, 01:40 PM
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This question of "Value of: Tomas Kaberle to Montreal" is one that Leafs fans won`t like the answer to if it`s coming from the Habs. Another team would be more likely to offer them more. I wonder if Savard`s LTIR money might add up to Boston being a perfect trade partner.

Tomas Kaberle`s value to Montreal is he`s a good point man. He`s awesome at carrying out the puck. In spite of not having Markov or a Kaberle, Montreal still has PK Subban, Wisniewski, Picard, Weber and Spacek = 5 nice point shots. All of them can man the PP points! That starts to lessen Kaberle`s value to us, not because he isn`t awesome but because of what value he is to us and then there`s likely cap problems for us. That`s means we got to unload contract to meet the cap and that player is Kostitsyn. He`s UFA also so his value versus Kabarle drops for Toronto. The two players aside have no real value either way. A UFA for another UFA is not much of a position of strength for Gauthier.

So, we need to add young players, prospects or picks with Andrei. No offence to Kostitsyn but he`s the only contract that we can move, who is in our core group of players. I don`t like the trade or potential trade because I want Andrei signed.

IMO, a clever move for Toronto would be to get Weber from us as part of a deal. At least a D man would be coming back. He has one awesome shot and he hasn`t plateaued yet. He gets underrated by Habs fans because of some of the depth on D. We all marvel about Subban and forget about Weber. He`d be the start of a solid return for Burke.

But then were right back to Kostitsyn again. That is unless Burke will take back (absolute lunucy) Hamrlik to help us on a money dump and we`d have to pay with a 1st round pick to pay for the favour for the Leafs to absorb Hamrlik`s cap.

I don`t even see a deal here. I`m not capologist but we are against the cap. I believe we have 1.6 million but we are over the cap on penalties which affects next years numbers. NHLnumbers says we have $3.691 but I find that hard to believe. Capgeek has us at $1,483,685 for available cap LTIR cap space is at $3,780,348.

These numbers make certain deals possible but Kabarle`s value to Montreal probably isn`t that great. I`d rather the Habs make a different deal to get a big top 6 forward like Arnott, Alfie or Booth instead of getting Kaberle.

Kaberle has far greater value to 8 or 9 teams and will get a better deal than with Montreal.

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