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01-27-2011, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Haven't fully considered this, and I'd like some feedback as the idea is developed:

What about something along the lines of:

Gaborik + Girardi + Talbot + X
Seabrook + Sharp + Y

Basic thought:
Girardi is not as complete as Seabrook but he will do the whole D thing and not embarrass at getting the puck to the offense. Talbot is a good G prospect, CBH may want options in that regard. CBH have ample D prospects in their system.
Gaborik is inconsistent, but he's still a bonafide sniper w/a shot and may well ignite with change of scenery. Losing Sharp hurts, and that's part of what has to be worked out.

for NYR
upgrade at D
another solid two way C

The ? is how much more, in players and swap of picks, do NYR have to give to make this appealing to CBH.

Don't overpay. That's easy.
Try to figure out what is fair value, and then what do you add to that which is enticing enough, on balance, to induce Hawks to say yes...

Thanks in advance for your feedback, particularly any analytical input...

All JOKING aside...this trade does not help the rangers. Yeah Seabrook is a nice player, but is it really worth it to get him so we can have a slight upgrade over Girardi while dealing Gaborik, our only "bonafide sniper" as you claim even if he is having an off year.

The answer is its not. Sharp is a good player too but you dont get players of gaborik's caliber very often. I'd rather have him and his off year than sharp having a good year.

Now if we were getting Seabrook back for say Gilroy, Top prospect, and a higher round pick I'd be willing to talk. But thats pretty unlikely chicago would do that. The point is I'd take seabrook in a case where we are keeping girardi and just adding Seabrook to the 6 DMen.

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