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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
So there's one.

I don't think it would a great impact if he weren't playing, however I have a really hard time being pessimistic when my favourite team is #1 in the NHL right now. Sure, it's great to strive for perfection but perfection doesn't exist.
Why is noting that there were problems being pessimistic? Pretty optimistic about the future for this team. However, the fact of the matter is that it was noted in July that Homer did a slew of stupid, and two of those stupids have been on the waiver wire and one is in the AHL already.

I suppose rather than enjoy the ride the Steelers ride that they've made thus far this to season, and into the Super Bowl, I should nit-pick them and question moves they made and why they didn't make others.
I'd be curious what moves you could get at the Steelers on, given that they are one of the better run franchises in sports and have been for some time. I'd be more concerned about the fact that I was rooting for a team led by a rapist... but that's just me.

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