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Originally Posted by Bruno Mars View Post
My point of you not watching hockey still stands, Bieksa has been miles better defensively than Phaneuf, but since your just a stat reader, you wouldn't know that. Kaberle is known for being a good offensive defenceman, him and Ehrhoff have been even in that department the last couple of seasons, but as we all know Ehrhoff is a lot better defensively.

Again your just going by the stats, if you actually watched the games you would know Ballard has been solid in the role he's been given, but that role isn't big enough for a defenceman of his caliber. Komisarek on the other hand, has been giving the minutes he needs to be successful but his play hasn't.

Hamhuis has been arguably the Canucks 2 nd best defenceman this year behind Edler, Beauchemin has been a major skapegoat on the Leafs this year and has been shopped around all year, there's not a chance in hell he's better than Dan Hamhuis.

I actually do watch other teams play, and from that I have witnessed Edler is a lot better than Schenn, nothing against Schenn, he's a fantastic defenceman, Edler has taken his game to another level this year, and IMO if it weren't for his back injury come June he would be in contention for the Norris Trophy. Also Hamhuis and Ballard are better than Komisarek and Beauchemin for the reasons stated above.

Lastly no the Leafs Blue-line isn't as good as the Canucks blue-line maybe on paper they look similar to you, but on the ice Canucks D>>Leafs D.
Again, no he really hasn't. He's looked better because Vancouver has had a much better supporting cast around him.

Ehrhoff has never been as good as Kaberle.

I'm not just going by stats, I'm going by watching these guys play. If you watched Toronto, you'd know that Komisarek has been solid in the role he's played considering all the factors working against him, and that role isn't big enough for a defenceman of his calibre.

Beauchemin has been the Leafs best defenceman this year. Beauchemin is a scapegoat amonst Leafs fans for his giveaways despite the fact that Kaberle/Schenn have almost as many, and neither of them go against other teams top units while playing alongside a non-puckmover like Phaneuf.

Schenn has taken his game to another level this year too. There have been issues (like the giveaways), but that's as a result of horrible puck support. If Schenn had a ton and nobody else did, then you might have an arguement, but Toronto's giveaways are systemic.

Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
Sorry, I at least tried to be objective, had stats and what not. Where was your evidence?

I could have taken a very low road and started the contrast with Komisarek and Alberts like the media is bud.

Your teams big rebuild has failed utterly according to a year to year comparison, you've lost out on Seguin and probably someone like Couturier for Kessel, and haven't moved up in the standings, and yet you're simply stating Toronto's D is better then Vancouver's D with nothing to back it up, comparing our whipping boy to your captain.
Our team's big rebuild isn't done. You're simply stating that Vancouver's D is better than Toronto's with absolutely nothing to back it up other than factors that are attributable to other parts of the team.

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