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01-27-2011, 08:31 PM
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Originally Posted by scramble91 View Post
I do agree that unless dean has a whopper of a trade for a legit top 6 player, I'm all on board with waiting for the kids. Are the rest of the kings fans willing to wait another 2-3 years before we really become legit contenders?
Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
What a loaded question. People will want it now, even if there are no materials (players) available now to fix it. I am fine with waiting for Loktionov and Moller to mature. They both deserve their shot as does Parse. It's the right way to do things. The only deal I see as a real possibility would be trading from our strength (yound defensemen) to a team that has what we might need in a young AHL'er that might be ready to step into a top six role in one or two seasons.

It's going to hurt if we can't get Williams re-signed.
OK, dont come back with the same tired response of "what else is there".

But now, objectively, you can see how the 5 year plan is getting stretched into the 8-10 year plan. Its not like those of us who have been LONGTIME fans are jumping ship (what else is there -- I didnt say I couldn't use it) but the whole filling in the boxes on DL's chart and being a Stanley Cup contender in 5 years is just the load of BS that DL was selling back then, and most of us bought it. Now, realizing that it cant ever have been true, we have to continue paying on the load we bought into so as not to throw value away.

I am not saying he hasnt improved the team and built for the future, but the timeframe sold, and yes I know some of you think the first several years dont really count, was pure BS (or we just took it too literally -- 5 means 8, like no means yes). But if there is little to pick up via UFA and DL is now on record saying trades in the cap era arent that useful (go back and listen to the NHL LIVE interview), we really are stuck waiting until the youngsters, very young youngsters, progress and that adds another three years minimum to the plan.

No matter how you slice it, 8 years is a long loooooong rebuild.

I guess the waiting is the hardest part.

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