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01-27-2011, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Suiteness View Post
The identity thing is definitely bang on.

Jay Feaster was on the Team 1200 the other day and they asked him what exactly had gone wrong in Calgary. His answer: The Flames got away from their identity that got them to the cup final in 2004. A hard working, hard hitting, tough checking team that was a b*tch to play against. If you were going to play at the Saddledome, whether you left with the two points or not, you took a beating on that night.

Then they asked him how long did he figure he would be able to get his team there? He answered how tough the situation was because of all the NMC's and the exorbitant amount of salary that was already allocated for next year but he still set a time line of 3 years.

Let's contrast this to Bryan Murray. He throws out that this team will "rebuild" in a year only to correct himself a day later that he really meant to say we'll be competitive like the Islanders who compete every night. When asked how long it will take to fully right the ship, he answers a "few years".

This is a man without a plan and without a clue
. Now I doubt Feaster will be able to turn around the mess in Calgary in 3 years but you can already tell the difference between a professional who's well organized and who can set goals and will do all he can to achieve them and a reactionary patchwork artist who makes things up as he goes along. Feaster is a man who inspires confidence who you're willing to follow. When I heard him I was 'sold'.
He was talking about CONTENDING in a few years... And be COMPETITIVE as soon as next year, like trying hard to win every night.

it's so funny when you think of it. Random people on a message board are so good at getting into professionnal's head but can't even grasp nuances between words. The funniest thing is that they think they are smarter and would do better if given the opportunity.

The plan has been clear since day 1 : try to remain competitive (and the team was until this year outside of that Hartsburg stretch : look at the team's record before and after) but please, get a damn prospect pool

I can't help but laugh whenever I read this board

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