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Originally Posted by State of Hockey View Post
The huge amount of additional revenue last year and beyond likely means that the Twins will have spent, and will further spend, about the same amount of revenue percentage-wise on player salary as before. What it means that it's still a pure business to them, and they will never spend more for a year or two to make a run. Starting last year was the time to do it. What we have now will be it, and that was sparked by the common fan paying more, not the rich Pohlads opening their wallet. Instead we'll probably see our roster slowly get more frugal as Target Field bonuses (and the M&M boys' primes) fades away.
The Twins were 11th in MLB payroll last season, and will likely be in the top ten this year with Mauer's deal kicking in and going over 100 million. Perhaps you are correct and this will be the high water mark, but compared to Carl, or even moreso, Calvin Griffith, who defined tightwad, I find the current owners quite loose with their pursestrings. Remember, the Twins were the first team ever to draw 3,000,000 fans a season, but did cheapo Carl ever break the top 10 in salary?

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