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Philadelphians chanfge Lady Gaga's song "Bad Romance" to honor BOB. Also Sergey taped a funny Christmas clip. " In a nut shell, the host dressed as a Santa Claus asked me some questions an d I had to answer "Bob" to all of them with a silly smile. As if I know just one word. In reality, I understand a lot, just have difficulty talking.

Q: Why do you have # 35? A: I had had # 1 all my life, but it belongs to Berni Parent here. I played with #35 in the national team, therfore I am using it here

Q: Did you watch WJC? A: Just a final match. Q: Why? A: Did not have time with the Flyers schedule. Saw the final after the game with New Jersey.

Q: What else is in your life besides hockey? A: I am trying to relax when I do not have game and practices. I talk to my girlfriend via Skype or watch a movie. If I only had hockey in my head I would burn out.

Q: Why does not your girlfriend come to Philadelphia? A: She has serious visa problems. She is not allowed to come to the USA.

Q: you are a famous hockey player in the USA. Can they take it into consideration? A: apparently, not. Olya had an interview recently and was denied again. They think that she might stay in the country ilegally.

Q: Are you upset that you ar not in ASG? A: The ASGparticipation
is not my goal for the season.

Q: What are you going to do during the break? A: I will go to Toronto to visit my girlfriend. We will spend 5 days together. She has Canadian visa. We celebrated Christmas together after the game in Vancoover.

...It's a movie plot. Olga follows her loved one across Canad. When he played in Montreal, she flew to Toronto. But the plane got delayed and all they had - a very brief date in the airporty. Sergey had to fly back to the USA>

Q" May be you should play for a Canadian team? A: No, I am very happy to play for Flyers. We will solve a visa problem somehow.

I will ommit a paragraph about Shelly's relatives asking Bob's autographs.

His family was waiting for him near the dressing room. Dad Andrey- a miner, mom Larisa a steel worker and sister Yulya.

Q: Is iit your first visit to the USA? I aked dad. A" Yes. We like how Sergey is adored here. He has sugnificantly improved and matured over the year. He plays with the best players in the world and holds his own well. We were surprised to see so many t-shirts, shirts and souvenirs with his name. It means he is really loved here" proudly added the father.

I did my best, please enjoy.

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