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Originally Posted by PKC View Post
You're reading comprehension is so low I don't even know how you can properly navigate the internet...

What I said: ... saying "Vermette sure sucks ,mind you if he were with the Sens he would be 2nd over all in points with 27 , just behind Alfie and Karlsson, tied for 1st with 28 points each." is ridiculous because you can't know for sure how many points Vermette would have if he were with the team.

Comparing players who are in vastly different situations to the current team isn't just ridiculous, it's a fallacious argument through and through.

Hope you can understand now.
Perhaps you are having the difficulties in reading comprehension, I was merely responding to this post which I quoted:

Vermette sucks this year
Meszaros was lazy and and still overpaid by far.
Eaves is a drunk underacheiver

The above players were useful when they played for the Sens as well.Vermette for example was usually next to the big 3 in points.It hardly follows that ripping these players is fine but pointing out that they are no slouches is outrageous for some reason.

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