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01-28-2011, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by RogerRoeper View Post
Why the heck would you get rid of Kessel? He's 23 and you'll never get near as much for him as you paid to get him?
sometimes its ok to count your losses and move on. Kessel has revealed himself to once again NOT be a game changer, NOT be able to carry his team during a struggle, NOT be a player to build around. As a matter a fact, it seems when kessel aint scoring the Leafs aint winning. Kessel would be a great addition to a team thats looking to "get over the hump".

I actually believe Toronto getting rid of the 2012 pick might not be such a bad Idea. Some of their younger talents will have more experience in the NHL. A playoff team? probably not, but that pick might not be as High as this year (and last year). If I was Burke I would consider moving :

The pick (2012)

Depending on your return for the above you may have to move

Now, I'm not saying all of them should get moved. But I am looking at the leafs roster and who on the team would get you SOMETHING of a return.

I Think Kaberle will have to be packaged with something to get any type of return because of him being a rental (unless the team can negotiate a contract ext).

Schenn is your untouchable imo, kid has the looks of a stud.

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