Thread: Salary Cap: $64.3M Upper Limit for '11-'12
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01-28-2011, 08:34 AM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
If league revenue did increase by 14% this year, and the NHLPA exercised their bump, the cap would also increase by 14%.

The players share of revenue is determined by the total NHL revenue #.

[EDIT: We've been at the 57% level for at least the last couple of seasons.]

The salary cap is currently $59.4m. A 14% increase would bring the cap to $64.1m, or an increase of $4.7m.

EDIT: Fixed math to account for 57%.
If the cap goes up to $64.1 million, one more excuse for signing Richards is off the table. You could theoreticially even keep Drury, and still sign the RFAs, while adding Richards.

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