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01-28-2011, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
Well, every player on the Kings team and the GM disagrees with I guess you know more than them. They all love having Westy on the team and in the line-up...Notice how much cockier Doughty and Brown play when Westy in playing.

Clifford is going to get killed one of these days having to fight Westy's battles and Murray and the rest of you are gonna regret saying a 20 year old middleweight can do the job of a 6'4 225" lb experienced heavyweight. Clifford is a kid who should be playing and occasionally fighting, that's it, not fighting every other game because the Kings would rather use Ponikarovsky, who has 4 goals and 4 assists, just one more assist than Westgarth. Who, besides the game against SJ has been an utter bust.

Everyone has a job to do on this team, either score, hit, be a shutdown D, kill penalties, etc.....Westgarth's job is to stand up for his team mates, play physical and fight....he has done that. Poni's job has been to score goals....he HAS NOT done that.
You still haven't addressed the fact that the Kings have a substantially better record with Westgarth in the press box than on the ice. Rolling four lines that can skate and contribute on both sides of the ice is a plus.

Honestly, I can't notice how much cockier Doughty and Brown play when Westy is in. I'm not even really sure Westgarth is doing his job very well. He's not intimidating, he's too late to hit anybody, and he hardly ever fights. He's not a presence defensively or offensively. Almost a non-factor when he's on the ice.

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