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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
To be honest I don't understand how Leaf fans have ever been happy with Burke in the first place.

As soon as he made that Kessel deal I knew he was going to ruin the Leafs and you know I'm actually a huge Kessel fan and was at the time of the deal. It just wasn't a smart move, not only because of the picks but because Kessel is the kind of player you plug into a team that is already a contender that needs more scoring. You don't build around a guy like that.

Sure enough it failed. The Phaneuf deal was good but too little too late and left some serious holes on the team. Yeah sure you got Phaneuf, the center position on the Leafs is abysmal. Considering all the D you guys already have and Finger in the AHL being paid 4 million I think it was a bit of a rash move even despite it landing you guys Phaneuf for a solid price. It addresses one need and opens up others.

So now Burke is clearly JFJ #2 and he's about to likely make some trades that could solidify that comment as truth.

If he mortgages more of the future to be a #8-10 team for the next year or two before he figures out that the leafs needed a rebuild all along I'm going to feel really bad for you guys. He needs to just trade all these players except the young ones like Schenn who will be paid far less than they are worth for the next couple seasons.

Get rid of guys like Kessel, Beauchemin, Kaberle, Phaneuf, heck that D on paper is so good and yet they don't play that well as a unit. You can't just throw money at the best available UFA's and hope for the best. Komi and Beau have been lackluster at best and Kaberle could honestly be doing better on another team. Phaneuf has really been the one I see giving a lot effort and he took a ton of flack earlier on this season. I just think Burke should cut his losses after the end of the season (try to get 10th place or something rather than 14) and then do a complete rebuild.

The team will be a disaster if he trades away the future again mark my words.
I'm sorry but I have to ask how long you have been watching hockey? because there is absolutely NO comparsion betwen JFJ and Brian Burke.

Maybe Burkie has overpaid to land guys like Kessel but they are still good players JFJ traded for bad players but gave up GREAT value for those guys (Rask for Raycroft,1st 2nd 4th for bell and Toskala NOT giving up tlusty and the #13 pick for the #2 pick when he had the chance etc) JFJ was 1000X worse then Burke

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